How to Integrate Social Media into WordPress

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Social media is an incredibly effective way to drive people to your WordPress website or blog. On social networking sites like Twitter and LinkedIn you can reach a large audience through re-tweets, tags, and shares. But how do you translate some of these great features into your WordPress website? These tricks will help you integrate your social media into WordPress. This goes beyond simply adding in social media buttons to your website’s header.

Add a Social Media Feed

Most businesses and bloggers use social media to keep readers, customers, or clients aware of recent updates. To make sure that everybody notices — not just Twitter users, for example — you can add your social media feed to your actual website. A plugin like Feed Them Social can help you do this. This will showcase your tweets directly on your site. It’s important to maintain your Internet presence.

Allow Comments Easily

If you write blogs, you should include a way for people to post their own comments. This can create a product conversation and allow you to connect with your readers. The key is to keep commenting simple. We recommend that you use a plugin like Social Comments. That way, your readers only have to link their Facebook or Google+ to post a comment. They won’t have to enter their name and email every time they want to contribute.

Include Share Buttons

This one is pretty obvious. If you want to promote your brand over social media, make sure that users can share whatever it is that you’ve posted. It’s free publicity. You can do this for blog posts, pages, and even products. This is a good way to make promote social media in WordPress.

In addition to all this, WordPress has the added benefit of already being very user-friendly and optimized for social media. With these tips in mind, you can easily integrate social media into WordPress.