How Adobe’s Sensei is Powering its New Web Design Software

adobe sensei

Adobe is looking to better its software and user experience in the area of web design through the inclusion of deep machine learning and artificial intelligence. The software company has made a name for itself through its design products such as Photoshop. Now, they hope to enhance their Creative cloud, marketing cloud and document cloud through innovations in AI.

Adobe’s Sensei

The project is currently untitled, though its message is clear. Adobe is aiming to better web and graphic design through innovation in machine learning. Adobe’s machine learning software, Sensei will be the driving force behind this new software. Adobe boasts Sensei as a deep learning program whos applications are far reaching. Sensei powers a number of Adobe’s Cloud products such as the Creative Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Document Cloud. The software has also been integrated into Adobe’s Experience Manager CMS. It has been recently showcased as able to redesign large company websites but is expected to have smaller, more personal applications.

Sensei and Web Design

Senei, which again, will power the new software, collects and draws upon all of the data that Adobe has collected through its far reaching design programs to make its decisions and suggestions. Adobe has presented the software as one that will be able to aid a designer in a number of ways. For example, the software will be able to register the preferences of the user, compare those preferences against all the data it has previously absorbed and then present the user will recommendations on layouts, graphics, photos and composition.  
Designers need not to worry about the future of their profession. Adobe’s new software is mostly a major help with the tedious and time consuming design work. For example, it excels in aspects such as cropping; for now, all the artwork will be left in the hands of its human counterparts.