Line of Difference between User Experience and User Interface Design

Designers and developers heavily rely on and endorse the word UX/UI. In the design world, UX/UI are much talked terms that everyone comes across but does anyone know the exact definition or the difference between these? In a demonstration, user experience and user interface have been well explained and after understanding it really well, I am presenting this article for your knowledge.

​Read below to learn better about User experience and User interface:

The Definition of UX i.e. User Experience

Quite clear from the name itself, UX focuses on making the user experience an epic one. UX is basically for the interaction purpose where people see a product and respond accordingly. For an example, you visit the DOMINOS site and see the interactive menu from which you decide to click on the most appealing element. So here, the site enhances user experience i.e. the layout and the background of the website.

The Definition of UI i.e. User Interface

User interface is a part of User experience! The colors, fonts and typography are all dealt by UI designers where they will focus on the visual presentation. On the other hand, User experience is more laid upon how and where to put the things to attract the viewers. UI design is determining how the buttons will look like, what would be the color, which font to use etc.

UX/UI design – Clear Answer

Many times, we come across things we don’t know but the presentation appeals us and we just dive in. Although few elements are accurate, most of the things we see are inappropriate. Sometimes, to enhance the visual presentation, we use the latest buzzwords for which we are not even aware but still we use. And it creates a mess afterwards! In this case, you have to understand that UX is not UI but UI is just a part of it. The next time, if you read them together i.e. UX/UI design, clear your heads with the definitions.

​Hope you understand the basic concept of User experience and user interface.