Let Thousend of Customers Check Out 3x Faster with Shopify Pay

400,000+ People Checked Out 3x Faster with Shopify Pay This BFCM

Fix Checkout Problems with Shopify pay.

Your conversions are telling you that. You are letting go a lot of potential customers.

In 2017 Shopify released “Shopify pay” in order to fix a big issue: slow checkouts. Now your customers can checkout faster and you can increase your sales conversions

Thanks to Shopify Pay your customers can save their private information and payment information in just 1 step and use them on hundreds of thousands of stores made with Shopify.

But you may ask… what are the results? Here there are.

Let’s take Balck Friday as an example. Just on BF more than 400k of customers spent over 30 million (USD) three times faster with Shopify pay.

More than 400k of customers spent over 30 million (USD) three times faster with Shopify pay.

Let’s check more Black Friday success-storeies

Victoria Emerson: +400% the conversion rate.

Victoria Emerson

As every other e-commerce business, Victoria is fighting the painfully high cart abandonment rate.

I bet that you want to know why the add to chart numbers are extremely high and why only one-third of people add to chart and only half of them actually check out? We just need to gently push our customers through the process and reduce our drop-off rate per stage of purchase. This is one of the most powerful and straightforward methods to increase your store conversions.

The solution of this problem may be Shopify Pay which is one way that Victoria is “pushing” customers through the purchasing process more easily and faster, and most importantly more efficiently.

Over BF, Victoria’s conversion rate was 4 times higher than her usual.

Shopify Pay is able to improve the checkout process because clients can go through the whole process much easier.

Peel: +200% conversion rate.


For the entrepreneur Alan Cassinelli and the MadSupplier marketing team, the Shopify pay checkout is an amazing solution for this uncomfortable situation:

“We could immediately see the improvements over a basic checkout we have been using for several years. This is e real step forward a new and smart checkout experience. You don’t have any more to enter over and over again”

In 2017 BF, mobile sales surmounted sales made on computer. Actually, mobile-sales accounted for 71% of all orders with a growth of 2x over year.

With Shopify Pay, checkout is quicker and easier than ever before, especially on mobile.

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