Three ways of personalizing customer emails

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Email marketing is a vital part of any online marketing campaign.  But more than sending emails to as many customers as possible, you should put more weight on personalizing customer emails. Sending personalized emails are more likely to be read. And perhaps more importantly, it can provide the interpersonal connection that can lead to greater impact to the recipient.

Benefits of personalizing customer emails

Aside from personalized emails more likely to be read by the recipient, there are other benefits of sending customized emails.

Apart from what was mentioned earlier, sending customized emails increases the likelihood that the emails won’t be marked as spam. Emails with generic subjects such as “Dear Friend” are often classified as spam by recipients. But if an email has a subject line that mentions the recipient’s first name, then it won’t likely be deleted or mark as spam.

Sending personalized emails can also enhance trust between the recipient and the company sending the emails.

          Three ways of personalizing customer emails

So how do you personalize customer emails? Here are three simple ways to do so:

  • Put more focus on the subject line.  According to one survey, emails that have personalized subject lines are up to 26 percent more likely to be read.  Consider using customized and ‘fun’ subject lines to catch the attention of the recipient.
  • Celebrate milestones. Emails should be used as relationship-building tools.  Look into the possibility of sending emails not only to promote a product or service, but also to wish a recipient on the occasion of a birthday or anniversary.
  • Offer recommendations. Finally, you can further strengthen your relationships with your customers by offering customized recommendations. These recommendations may be based on their recent buying history. For example, a customer which bought a dog collar from your site may need a dog feeder. Mention this in your email.
Personalized customer emails can have a huge impact on your online marketing efforts, so you should consider sending out more of these.