Shopify Software Updates Announced

Shopify software

Shopify recently announced its software updates during the annual Shopify Unite held in Canada. As has been the case in the past few years, the event was participated in by Shopify partners and developers.  The following are some of the Shopify software updates that were discussed during the said event:

Shopify Software Update 1: Shopify Flow

Shopify has finally rolled out the Shopify Flow designed to make it easier for users to automate inventory and ordering tasks.
It has been nearly two years since the Canadian firm announced this offering.  Shopify Flow also features Connectors, which would enable users to create automated flow from the information their apps have and trigger actions as a result.
For instance, a Shopify customer has customer loyalty software which helps identify a customer who’s unlikely to buy based on activity. This bit of information can be passed into Shopify Flow which will then trigger an email app to send a message to  the customer, like an email offering a discount.

Shopify Software Update 2: Locations

Selling inventory in various currencies has traditionally been difficult in Shopify. But that could soon change with this Shopify software update.
With Locations, it is now possible for Shopify users to add location-specific inventory for the place they are selling. This feature should save merchants time and resources because they don’t need to have separate sites for the various areas that they want to serve or sell in.

Shopify Software Update 3: Marketing Tab

The first major user interface change of Shopify in 5 years, Marketing Tab is a new section that allows users to launch marketing campaigns straight from their Shopify dashboard. It also provides analytics and useful business advice.

Since it is more prominent in Shopify’s admin, the Marketing Tab will make email marketing as well as paid advertising work a lot better.