JetBlack Aims to Personalize Shopping


Membership-based service Jetblack is out to change the way people shop.  Instead of shoppers going online and clicking on a product that they want to purchase, all they need is to subscribe to the service and text whatever they need. It’s like having a personal assistant that can help an individual get something in the quickest, most convenient way possible.

What is Jetblack?

Jetblack co-founder and CEO Jenny Fleiss likens it to a combination of e-commerce and personal assistant. The service, which was recently launched in Manhattan and will serve selected parts of Brooklyn soon, simplifies the e-commerce experience.  Members simply text whatever they need to a number, and they will get it on the same day at the earliest.

Members need to pay a fee of $50 a month to be able to avail themselves of the service. It doesn’t matter what they order—it can be a gift for a child or a refill on paper towels. The packages are sent through courier delivery.

Who are the usual Jetblack customers?

Jetblack customers are mostly parents who don’t have the time to visit and shop at a brick and mortar store. But Fleiss says that everyone can be gain from the monthly service.

Aside from helping clients save time, the service also aims to change the way people shop. With this service, clients no longer have to go online, visit a website or open an app, and make appropriate choices.

What does Jetblack offer?

This personalized shopping service can deliver practically every product or item that customer need except for those that fall into the following categories—alcohol, groceries, and prescription drugs although it is likely that these will be offered soon.

What’s more impressive about the service is that the service can remember user preferences, meaning a customer can get a preferred brand after a few interactions or orders.