Website Marketing Data You Must Track on WordPress Site

Website Marketing Data You Must Track on WordPress Site

Top Website Marketing Data That You Must Track On Every WordPress Site

Important marketing decisions could not be taken on guesswork. You need authentic marketing data for that. When you have all the numbers, you know how to find people and make them use your website. This doubles the traffic and sales easily. When you have the marketing data like who is visiting your website, for how much time, the conversion rate, which page drives more sales etc., you can make informed business decisions.

Every WordPress website should be tracking these top website marketing data:

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is loved by all. It is the most popular online software that provides all the information a business website needs. This essential marketing data tool records page views, number of visits, who is the visitor, the source, interaction, and lot more. We would recommend it to all.

2. Outbound Links Tracking

Outbound links are the links that take the users away from your website. They are also called affiliate links if you are using an affiliate marketing strategy. Tracking your outbound links or affiliate links help to know how much traffic you are sending away to other websites and make a proper affiliate marketing strategy.

3. Enhanced Ecommerce Marketing Data Tracking

This is necessary for an e-commerce website. If you are selling things online, then you need to know the buying behavior of your visitors, tracking abandoned cart information, product lists, and sales performance. Setting up enhanced e-commerce tracking is very easy.

4. User Engagement Marketing Data

It is important to know what do the visitors d when they come to your website. Identifying user behavior and patterns help in making strategies for conversions and sales. Insights like tracking most popular content, bounce rate, form submission, ads tracking and page views help in increasing sales.


If you want to grow your business, then start tracking marketing data today. Recording the stats that matter gives a boost to the business sales.