Finding a co-founder for your e-commerce business

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Meeting a co-founder

Meeting a co-founder in e-commerce can be a huge challenge. However the first thing you need to consider when starting a business is who is going to be your side guy. This is the person who has totally different skills from you. He might be good at management whilst you are a web developer. In e-commerce web development and app development form the core of the technological sector. Marketing is not too technological in nature. Fining a co-founder who is a good online marketer can be of benefit to your growing business. You can have as many as you want co-founders. However, the skills and talents of the co-founders need to be diverse. This will ensure that the company thrives during its early days.

Meeting a co-founder at work

Most co-founders actually meet at work. Let’s take for example workers who work at Google might raise money and then decide to start their own company. With the experience and skills that they have, it wouldn’t be difficult starting that company. The first thing they need to concentrate on is finding employees to fill up the job vacancies. Having a co-founder you have previously worked with is beneficiary due to the fact that you now already know how you will be working together. You would have created a working relationship like nothing else.
E-commerce founders of the e-commerce company Flipkart actually were working for eBay before they decided to start their own e-commerce company.

Meeting a co-founder in college

A large number of co-founders actually met at college. College happens to be the right place to find people who have the same dreams visions and goals to yours. An example of such co-founders will be Sergei Brin and Larry Page, the founders of Google.