Job security in the rapidly changing world

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Job security

Job security is a problem for most millennials. Some millennials state that there is no more job security in today’s job market. You can no longer work for a company for 40 years. This is due to the quickly changing technology environment. Companies that don’t innovate are going to go out of business. Some investors state that you can no longer keep a stock forever. This is due to the rapidly changing the economy. For instance, there is no guarantee that hydrocarbons will still be in use in 2050. This is due to the technological advancements that are happening in the energy sector. This, in turn, means that petrol engineers don’t have job security as their job is always being challenged by some technological advancement.

Job security in the technological sector

The technology sector is one sector that is constantly changing and some companies are often closing whilst others are starting. The main reason for this is the fact that people discover new fields of study every time. The only way to guarantee that your field of study will secure your job is to study the more common skills such as software engineering and electrical engineering. Electrical engineering has been around for a very long time and it is not going anywhere soon. Becoming an asset to your company means that you can develop some of the technology that will help your company stay on top.

Job security in e-commerce

There is not much job security in the e-commerce sector. This is due to the fact that new technology is being developed. Robots and self-operating machinery are going to take over the job market. This is a cause for concern for most people who work in the e-commerce sector packing packages for customers.