Lemonade stand

Lemonade stand

Lessons you can take from a lemonade stand

Lemonade stands were popular in America in the 90s. This was due in part to their marketing strategy. First of all, they taught American children the basics of capitalism. Most parents believed that if their children could have a great grasp of business concepts that they might need to succeed they will be set for life. Many children back in the day made a few bucks selling lemonade. This enforced a culture of self-reliance from a very young age. There are certain business concepts that an e-commerce business owner can take from a lemonade stand. The first being the fact that you need a good location. Although people say that location doesn’t matter in e-commerce it actually does matter. If you are located in an area without the proper amenities such as proper roads and delivery system you are less likely going to make a profit. Profit relies on you having the access to certain facilities that will help you run your business.

Lessons you can take from a lemonade stand as a small e-commerce business

Small e-commerce businesses have a hard time competing. This means that there are more lessons that these small e-commerce businesses can actually take from lemonade stands. The first one is the profit incentive. As a small e-commerce business, you need to thrive to be profitable in a very short space of time. Being profitable in a very short space of time ensures that your business will be successful and can grow at a rapid rate.

Lessons you can take from a lemonade stand in terms of management

Since lemonade stands to teach people about management there are certain lessons that you can learn in the lemonade stand business about managing an e-commerce business. The first is that you should set your products at the right price for people to purchase them.