The future of retail and e-commerce

Retail e-commerce

The future of retail

The future of retail seems to be uncertain with the rapid popularity of e-commerce. E-commerce businesses have ensured that retail becomes less attractive to investors. Investors around the world are now turning their money to e-commerce companies. In order to observe this, you should look at companies such as Amazon. Walmart has a market cap of 200 billion regardless of the fact that it has recorded a revenue north of 500 billion. In contrast, Amazon has a revenue of less than 200 billion however it has recorded a market capitalization of more than 1 trillion dollars. This shows investors’ belief in Amazon against Walmart. With e-commerce people still do most of their shopping in brick and mortar retails. 93% of all retails are still done through brick and mortar retails.

The future of retail marketing

The future of retail marketing is set to evolve. For instance, retail marketing will drastically change as more people prefer more advanced solutions. Retail marketing is going to shift the way that we as humans think of our businesses. Marketing brick and mortar retail businesses are soon going to be an online thing. As most people begin spending a large portion of their time online. Spending a large portion of your time online means that the retail companies can leverage such platforms as mobile marketing to sell their products to you. Digital marketing is already constituting a large percentage of all forms of marketing. This means that businesses are constantly turning to digital marketing for all their needs.

The future of retail delivery

Retail delivery is already being disrupted by artificial intelligence. This means the future of retail is going to drastically change over the next couple of years. Soon driverless cars will be delivering products from the store to the end users.