4 Messaging App Options to Drive Traffic to WordPress Site

Sharing Options from WordPress to Facebook Have Changed

Top Messaging app Options to Increase Traffic to Your WordPress Site

Mobile messengers are a new fad. They are increasingly attracting new customers every day. Statistics show that mobile messaging app giants like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger etc. attract more than a billion users every month.

These Messaging app options are a great way to drive traffic to one’s WordPress site. So read along to find out some of the top messaging app choices that you can opt from.

1. WhatsApp Messaging App

WhatsApp has acquired a place of dominance where it has become a household name. This app is famous in Asian countries and is excessively used as the primary mode of communication. WhatsApp has some amazing features of sharing media as well as conference video calls etc.

2. LINE Messaging App

Line provides instant communication on your devices and has over a quarter of a million consumers. Line has an array of features and does so much more than just be a simple messaging app.
It has the feature of allowing communication visually and verbally while also creating communities where users share media seamlessly.

3. Kik

Kik is an instant messaging app that enables its users to begin conversation just by scanning their unique code called the Kik Code. Kik allows a lot of exciting features which can come extremely handy in daily use. 

4. Facebook Messenger App

Facebook Messenger is a mobile messaging app that provides a platform for enhanced online messaging done on Facebook. Facebook is not integrated with Facebook Messenger. Both of these platforms can be used separately.
Facebook Messenger houses several different features like video calls, stickers, voice notes, and in-built game. This app is one of the best apps on the list.


A messaging app can do much more than just driving traffic to your website. It can pave the way for better user experience and a more enhanced interface.