How to Create a Custom WordPress User Registration Page


A Guide to Create Custom WordPress User Registration Page

User registration comes handy in many situations; whether to form a community of exclusive members or to simply limit to anonymous commentators. In any case, you have to make it both easy and functional enough to get the task done without much effort from the user’s side. Here is how you can do it:

Allow User Registration:

Let’s do first things first. Go to Settings>General and in Membership, tick on the “Anyone can register” checkbox. Under the “New User Default Role“, pick Subscriber. It is the safest role as it does not give permissions to modify anything on the website.
There are two ways to get new users subscribed on WordPress. Let’s take a look at both the ways.

1. Using Widgets to Create a User Registration Page:

There is a widget available to create user registration forms. Go to Appearance>Widgets and drag the Meta widget in the sidebox section.
However, since Meta is a generic widget, it will display all its options apart from Login. Also, the Login link will take you on another page.
On the login page, you will find an option to register for the website.
There is a shortcut to avoid this hassle by simply copying the last URL and provide it to users. This will land them directly to the registration page.
Once it is done and the email is verified, users would be redirected to the login page.

2. Using Plugins to Create a User Registration Page:

The better and cleaner way to do this is, of course, to use a plugin. Here, we are going with one of the most popular plugins for this purpose – Ultimate Member.
Start by downloading and installing it on your WP site. Once installed and activated, the plugin would ask permission to create pages necessary for the user registration.
With that, the registration page is all set, and users can simply go the URL yourwebsitedomain/register to register on your site.
In case you don’t like the default pages created by the plugin, you can always customize them or create your own from scratch.
You can pick either way as per your needs. The end result would always get your job done.