Is a college degree worth it in e-commerce

Is a college degree worth it

College is now being viewed as the only pathway to a better future in the United States. However in this post we are going to examine the pros and cons of a college education. This will also include an analysis of finding a job in the e-commerce sector after graduating from college. It is true that more than 50 percent of American adults have a college education. However a large number of these adults are drowning in debt. The average college graduate is drowning in $30,000 worth of debt. Some of these college graduates are actually drop outs. This means that they are unable to pay back their debts. College debt has become a major cause of concern among most politicians. The main question that hangs around every young person’s mind is if college was worth it.

Is college worth it in the e-commerce sector

Most people that want to seek a high paying job in the e-commerce sector need to first get a college education. These jobs often involve complex tasks such as software engineering and management positions in large e-commerce businesses. For example if you wish to find a job as the chief software engineer in eBay head quarters you will atleast need a bachelors degree and some impressive work experience. Let us first remember that these are high paying jobs by American standards. A chief software engineer working for a big company in the Bay Area can expect to earn nothing less than $190,000 USD. This makes getting a college degree worth it. However when it comes to starting your own e-commerce business you don’t need a college degree. Going to college is not that big of a deal if you have the capital and can afford to hire the right people in your e-commerce business.

Is college worth it for e-commerce employees?

Businesses in e-commerce have been hiring non graduates with skills from non-traditional areas for tasks such as web development, e-commerce marketing and product review writing.