What’s New In WordPress 4.5

WordPress 4.5 has been released, which should have everyone excited. If you’re not already on WordPress here are some good reasons why you should be. Named “Coleman” after saxophone legend Coleman Hawkins, this new version of WordPress was designed to have the same smooth, fast pace as the jazz great. Here are some – but not all – of the most exciting changes.

WordPress 4.5 namesake Coleman Hawkins
Coleman Hawkins
1. Better inline linking in WordPress 4.5.

We all know how important links are. Inline linking makes it easier for you to link, with a convenient “insert link” pop-up. It also detects if a user is searching for a URL or entering one. This change in the WordPress interface makes it easier to navigate your content and add links without losing your place on the page.

2. Easier customization on all devices.

This is a big deal: customization has become easier than ever. Now you can preview what your WordPress website will look like to visitors on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. Going forward, you can feel completely confident about what your customers may see, no matter how they’re accessing your website.

3. Better brand establishment — now you can add logos.

WordPress 4.5 enables you to add your corporate logo to your website via Themes. This is obviously a major development in terms of establishing your brand and cultivating wider recognition from visitors and the larger online community. Premium members have had this, but now it’s available for everyone.

4. Images load quicker on all screens.

Images now load up 50% faster, because WordPress 4.5 has removed unneeded meta. And the best part? There’s no loss in terms of image quality. So insert all the images you want without thinking twice.

In addition to this there are a few improvements for coders as well, such as formatting shortcuts and JavaScript updates. So, with these improvements in place, download WordPress 4.5 and start creating effective web content. It’s what Coleman Hawkins would have done if he’d been lucky enough to have WordPress in his day.