3 Trends in Web Design

trends in web design

Here are three current trends in web design. Web design, much like fashion, shifts and changes as time goes on. Many of the trends in web design are based on research about how people look at websites. People then implement the research about design on their websites. For example, there is something called the F-Shape Pattern, which is a design used based on how people look at websites. Other current trends include using the color blue, and leaving room for white space on sites. Here are three other current trends in web design.

1. Typography

Typography is a specific tool web designers use to make the website really reflect the company’s style. Fonts have been proven to evoke different emotions within people, so choose wisely. Typography has become a very important factor in a website’s presentation. In fact, people can dedicate their whole careers to typography.

2. Background Videos and Animation

Background videos and animation are becoming popular in web design. However, one problem with videos and animations in the background of a website is that they tend to distract viewers. So having background animations could bring people to your website, or it could drive them away. The idea is to do it very subtly. This is an important distinction for a web designer to deal with.

3. Infinite Scroll

Infinite scroll is popular right now for two reasons. The first is that mobile devices primarily use infinite scroll; mobile devices are being used to go on the Internet much more than they were a few years ago. The second reason has to do with the first: websites are integrating infinite scroll into websites on computers as well, because people are comfortable with scrolling this way on the phone.


With these three current trends in web design in mind, you might want to try them out on your own website. Keeping your site up-to-date with trends is very important for usability. If your site looks outdated, people will not want to visit it.