Web Development Trends to Watch

working on web development trends

Here are three trends that we’ll see in the future of web development. As technology advances, we’ll be seeing a push for web development outside of the computer. We’re talking about smart phones, and even smart watches. Apps, security, and websites can no longer just be created for the computer. Let’s take a look at some web development trends we’ll be seeing very soon.

1. More Apps for Smart Watches

Remember when having a watch as a phone was something you’d only see in spy movies? Well, the future is now, as the Apple Watch has been on the market for over a year. As more companies are following Apple’s lead on smart watches, we’re definitely going to see more apps developed as well. If you can’t have access to your favorite phone apps on your wristwatch, then what’s the point of owning one?

2. Increase of products with WiFi

We’ve already started implementing WiFi in cars, books, televisions, and even toilets. In fact this web development trend has been around for some time. And it will most likely continue; our growing demand for having WiFi wherever we go is being heard. Technology sure can change quickly — 20 years ago hardly anyone had WiFi.

3. More Focus on Mobile Security

Since smart phones are being increasingly used for Internet consumption, it’s natural that more viruses are appearing. In fact, since more workers are attaching mobile devices to corporate networks, the threat of viruses increases. You need to be wary about people hacking into your cell phone, and using public WiFi networks. That’s why you can count on more mobile security in the future.

These are increasing consumer demands, so all web developers out there — this list is for you. These are just a few of many developments that we’ll see. Also, these three web development trends will help with consumer usability.