Different Web Development Jobs

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The term, “web developer” encompasses many different types of jobs. Web developers usually are a part of a team; each member of the team has a specific job to do. So while “web developer” can be a job title used by many, it cannot explain all web development jobs that are out there. Here is a list of different web development jobs.

1. Back-end developer

Back-end developers deal with the server, application, and database. They create code which sends and saves data for back-end processing. Servers interact with the browser’s to fill visitors requests. For example, each time you take a quiz or answer a poll, you’re interacting with a back-end language. Back-end languages include Python, PHP, and Ruby.

2. Front-end developer

Front-end developers create the part of the websites that users see and interact with. They write the code, usually HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (which are front-end languages) for web development. Most everything you see on websites are front-end languages — text, pictures, graphics, etc.

3. Database developer

A database developer is a part of the back-end. They create, plan, and work with databases. This job is important for e-commerce stores, as products are stored in a database. These developers work with SQL, the database language.

4. Graphic designer

Graphic designers are an integral part of a web development team. They don’t code, but they can create site mock-ups, as well visual designs for the site. They help cultivate the website’s brand, and help with marketing as well. For example, Twitter’s logo of the bird is a recognizable symbol for the company. A graphic designer probably created it.

While certain roles mix and match, most people have some sort of web development specialty. There are plenty of web development jobs out there; so if you find yourself preferring one type of code to another, you can figure out which job you’d like to have.