What is a Full Stack Developer?

full stack developer
Credit: skilledup.com

What is a full stack developer? This is a kind of developer that knows front-end and back-end languages and technology. They may not be masters of every language, but they are familiar with them all. These developers should know HTML, CSS, and other front-end languages, as well as database languages like SQL, and back-end languages like Python. It seems like a lot — and it is. Here’s what full stack developers need to know.

Full Stack Developer Requirements

There are many requirements you need to fill to become a full stack developer. Each company you work for may have different full stack requirements, but here are the basic knowledge needs.

  • System administration tools — such as cloud computing and system processing
  • Web development¬†— such as Ruby and other scripts
  • Back-end — programming languages, databases, and web servers
  • Front-end — coding languages and responsive design
  • Design — UX and UI

Mobile technologies is something we’ll leave off the list for now, but it may soon be added as a full-stack requirement.

Should I be a full stack developer?

That is something up to you to decide! If you love learning different languages and technologies, then you should absolutely try to become one. If you like dabbling in multiple languages, but primarily favor some over others, you should try and master those instead. Specialization is needed sometimes, so it could be better to simply master front-end languages. Either way, having a basic knowledge of many different languages is beneficial for you and your employer.

Now that you know what full stack development entails, you can figure out what’s right for you. Ultimately, becoming a really good full stack developer is hard work. With rapidly changing technology, it might even be impossible. Ten years ago full stack may have been achievable, but since then the goal is much harder to obtain.