WP eCommerce: From Blog to Online Store

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source: WordPress

WordPress has gained a ton of popularity over the last few years. From a blog hosting site, to a website hosting site, and now… an e-commerce site? WordPress has jumped into the e-commerce field with their plugin, WP eCommerce. WP eCommerce is a popular plugin on WordPress, in fact it has had over 2.9 million downloads. This way, you can easily transform your WordPress website into an e-commerce site.

What does WP eCommerce do?

This plugin allows you to totally customize your online store. A few of the features include:

  • CSS and HTML customization
  • SSL Secure check-out
  • Different payment options
  • Tools to manage your orders and catalogues

There are also built-in marketing tools, to help you reach your audience effectively and sell more products. Even better, WordPress already has tons of other plugins that you can use alongside WP eCommerce. It’s also compatible with most WordPress themes. What’s interesting about WP eCommerce is that there is drag & drop shopping, something that makes online shopping easier for users.

How to Use WP eCommerce

This plugin is free to download to your WordPress site. From there, you can find plenty of online tutorials on the WordPress. There is also a Support forum, with many common questions/problems and answers/solutions. This way, learning how to use this plugin is simple. You can use this plugin to sell a variety of things; whether it’s physical goods, digital downloads, memberships, or subscriptions, you’ll have no trouble selling.

If you’re looking into transforming your site into an e-commerce site, you should definitely look into WP eCommerce. Not sure where to start?  Some of these video tutorials may help you out. They can teach you how to download, use, and customize your online store. So really, starting up an e-commerce business or adding a little store to your site has never been easier.