How to Optimize Social Media Pages

optimize social media

If you’re a business with a website, you’ll need social media accounts as well. Facebook and Twitter are almost necessities these days. Social media is great — it allows you to connect with potential customers, and it gives your business a voice. However, the way you set up and interact on social media can also affect your business. Here are some tips on how to optimize social media pages.

1. Choose the Right Profile and Cover Photo

This shouldn’t be too hard. In order to optimize your social media, you should choose a company logo, or a photo of your business (if you’re a brick and mortar store). Sometimes, for smaller companies, a personal photo works better than a logo. That’s because people won’t recognize your logo, and are more apt to click on a picture of your business. However, with your cover photo you can get creative. Just make sure it represents the values of your brand.

2. Write an Interesting Bio

Keep it simple. It should be your company’s About page, only paraphrased. It’s almost like a pitch. Using a hashtag, a quirky fact/trait, or something else that’s fun is recommended. Or, if you want to be serious, make sure what you write gets to the core values of your brand.

3. Post Relevant while Engaging Content

To optimize social media, this is easier said than done. Part of it is figuring out who your audience is — knowing their age, gender, income, etc. For example, Home Depot is going to market their products much differently than Victoria’s Secret. And Twitter and Facebook are all about marketing. Any deals or updates should be posted. But what if nothing’s really going on? Try just making silly posts about current events that are happening. Or, take that time to highlight a product.

There are other tips to optimize social media, such as to include your location, but these are the most important. And be sure to keep up with the posts. If someone clicks on your Twitter, which hasn’t been used in 2 years, they’re going to be skeptical about your business.