How to Hashtag Effectively for E-Commerce

Use Hashtag

Hashtags are very important in the social media marketing world. However, in case you haven’t been acquainted with them, we’re here to help. Hashtags (#) are used on social media platforms as a filter system. When you hashtag a picture or post with a certain word or phrase, it allows people searching for that specific word or phrase to find it more easily. When it comes to e-commerce, hashtags can be used to optimize search results and to easily reach target audiences. Although there are a lot of popular social hashtags going around, they’re not necessarily effective for e-commerce. Below are some tips to effectively hashtag for your e-commerce business.

1. Refine the content of a hashtag

The content of a hashtag is very important. A hashtag (#) is followed by uppercase and lowercase letters or numbers. There cannot be any spaces or unique symbols (!@$%^&*()<>) because those characters indicate the end of the hashtag.

Correct: #UnionSquareDesign, #USDlovesWebDevelopment

Incorrect: #Union Square Design, #USD<3WebDevelopment

2. Don’t overuse hashtags

Too much of a good thing can turn out to be a bad thing. It can turn off or confuse a reader to see a mass of hashtags. Generally, we recommend a 3-5 hashtag max on the original post. If you’d like to add more hashtags, do so in the comments.

Correct: Check out the new Union Square Design blog! #webdevelopment #USD #techblogs

Incorrect: Check out the new Union Square Design blog! #webdevelopment #USD #techblogs #blogs #unionsquaredesign #webdesign #ilovehashtags #newblog #newpost #checkitout #haveyouseenthis #newblogpost

3. Choose the best hashtag

There might be a million hashtags that are relevant to your post, but choose the best one. Think about what is most likely to be searched, along with which hashtag would reach your audience best.

Correct: Check out the new Union Square Design blog! #webdevelopment #techblogs

Incorrect: Check out the new Union Square Design blog! #blogging #onlineblog

4. Make sure it’s relevant

It might be tempting to hashtag your posts with the most popular hashtags so it will reach a broader audience, however this is a bad idea. You could be labeled and punished for being a spammer.

Correct:  Check out the new Union Square Design blog! #webdevelopment #techblogs

Incorrect:  Check out the new Union Square Design blog! #selfie #trump #MCM


If you have any other questions about how to use hashtags, please comment below. We would love to hear from you. #ContactUs