5 Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

chrome extensions

Creating websites seems to get more and more complicated as the Internet evolves. While once upon a time the Internet could only be viewed on a computer screen, on one browser, that time is no more. With tablets, phones, laptops and Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc. you need to account for web development on all these different devices. These chrome extensions making designing and developing sites much less frustrating.

1. Web Developer

Web Developer can save you a lot of time when creating websites. With this extension you can access tools to edit CSS, image size, view JavaScript, and more. It’s available for Firefox as well. This chrome extension is pretty much a must-have.

2. Accessibility Tools

You need to ensure your website can be accessed by people with disabilities. This extension lets you run an accessibility check on any web page. You can also add an Accessibility sidebar pane to your Chrome Developer Tools. If anything’s wrong, it’ll let you know.

3. PerfectPixel

With this extension, you no longer have to worry about the design matching the code. Simply install PerfectPixel, and you can put a semi-transparent image overlay on top of your web page to compare it against the HTML code.

4. User Agent Switcher

We all know how frustrating it is to design websites for various screens. But this extension allows you to trick websites into thinking you are using whatever browser and screen you want. This is useful for testing how your website looks and acts on all devices.

5. Check My Links

Links are important for websites. If you have a lot of them, download this extension. It will find all the links on a web page, and check each one for you to make sure they work. It highlights good links in green and the broken ones in red.

Goodbye frustration, and welcome to simpler web development. Hopefully these chrome extensions will help you develop websites.