The Move Towards Wireless Charging

phone wireless charging

With a new year just beginning, tech companies are pushing further into making the charging of your devices wireless. Apple has recently joined the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). The WPC is positioning themselves at the forefront of the wireless movement by boasting over 200 members that includes Nokia, Samsung and HTC in an effort to better the technology and start a “charging revolution”. If finding your charger and plugging it in has proven to be too much of a first world problem for you, then you’re in luck.

Wireless Charging Today

Apple reportedly has a number of teams working to make charging your phone wireless.  Other manufacturers have experimented with this technology. Samsung implemented wireless charging into their Galaxy S7 and Note 7 phones. This innovation by Samsung is assumed to be the catalyst for the rise of wireless charging by 40 % last year. Now, the upcoming iPhone 8 is expected to be equipped with wireless charging. As with anything Apple adopts, their focus on wireless charging should then create more of an incentive for other companies to do the same. Aside from cell phones, Dell has recently released the first wirelessly charging laptop. The Latitude 7285 is able to be charged by simply placing the laptop on a supported mat.

What the Future Holds

The applications for the technology are far reaching. Disney, for example, has been experimenting with a room that will wirelessly charge your devices by just walking into them. Also, automobile companies have entertained the idea of implementing wireless charging to electric cars in an effort to increase efficiency.

The prospect of wireless charging being incorporated into all of our smartphones and computers is inevitable. It is not unimaginable that this technology will be the new norm regarding our devices. It is where the technology moves from there, that is exciting.