Mobile’s Role in SEO

mobile SEO in 2017


With the number of mobile web users increasing, web developers and designers find themselves catering to this demographic more every year. This means that aside from creating a mobile friendly site, SEO has to be adjusted for this platform. SEO is Google’s mysterious search ranking algorithm. What Google prioritizes is always changing and keeps businesses and developers on their toes. Emphasis on mobile friendliness is shaping up to be a major SEO trend for 2017. Here’s how you can help your mobile site stand out in Google’s eyes.


Accelerating Your Mobile Page

Recently, Google has put a large emphasis on AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages. Just as the speed of your desktop site directly affected the traffic and search ranking you received, the speed of your mobile site has a strong effect of SEO. AMP strives to ensure speed by removing unnecessary code and content through what is essentially HTML-lite. Mobile sites that comply with AMP have a load time of around a half a second.


Considering ASO

If you have an app dedicated to your site, you have more to worry about besides SEO. ASO, or App Store Optimization, too follows an algorithm that rewards applications that adhere to its guidelines. There a tools available to help you in getting the most of ASO. Tools such as Mobile Action, App Annie and Gimmicube rank among the top app store optimization tools on the market.  


While what makes a site truly SEO friendly has and will remain a secret, these tips will help you stay on top of the trends. Mobile friendliness and ASO may prove themselves to be even larger parts in Google’s SEO eyes than expected. The number of mobile users will continue to rise and developers will have to put more weight on their mobile products as the year goes on.