Mistakes to Get Rid of for Every Designer

As a designer, there are quite a lot of things to consider to ramp up the design. It is easy for the designers to turn things around in order to get an easy, simple, elegant and beautiful piece of art. But there are times when they fail to achieve the desired outcomes and the results look ruined. Not living up to the expectations is terrible but if you take these tips seriously and avoid these mistakes, you are going to get good results.

#1 Designing for every user

This is really a bad idea because today is the time when every user has different requirements. For this purpose, you as a designer cannot design something specifically for one user but have to be creative enough to design a masterpiece that everyone would love to see. Spending billion amounts of dollars is not going to work but a smart strategy is!

So don’t keep only a little segment in mind while designing but take everyone in consideration. That everyone doesn’t include advertisers, bots, and searchers etc. because they might get your website spammed with false links or fake download buttons. To actually create a nice user experience, keep the mantra “design for the user” in the mind. But not for everyone, mind it!

#2 Giving what the boss wants

Not bad to follow what the boss says but you should have the courage to put forth your suggestions. After all you are the designer, not your boss. That piece you are going to design should have a clear and understandable prototype before the final design is made. If you go against the boss and still produce something really exceptional, he is going to love you for that. Be daring enough though!

#3 Experiment

Last on the list is not experimenting with new things! As a designer, you will fail miserably if you are not a risk taker. It is easy to go along with what you are used to but creating something exceptional takes your extra energy and efforts. So inculcate the habit of playing around with different sketches to come up with an extraordinary and beautiful design!