Media Picker Makes It Easy to Upload Media on Your iOS

A New Media Picker for the iOS WordPress App

Using WordPress on your smartphone may be convenient, but it is never as easy compared to the desktop version. One of the problems users occasionally face is uploading media, which requires exiting the editor and searching for the media file. However, this problem is now solved.

Introducing the New Media Picker

In WordPress for iOS, the process of uploading media into your post is now streamlined within your device. You can now quickly upload media right from the Aztec editor, without closing it. Apart from saving your time, it is also very convenient and more efficient than the previous method.

How Does It Work?

In the new Media Picker, the toolbar consists of all the buttons you would require for uploading the media. You have basically three options:

Device Media:

Using this, you can traverse across the media gallery of your device and select the media file you want to upload in your post. It uses the native Gallery app of your phone, though it could change depending on your default settings.


In case you want to click a picture right now, you can choose the Camera option. You no longer have to first click a picture and wait for it to save in the gallery before uploading it. Since it uses the native Camera app, all the options available in it could be used before uploading the picture.

Media Library:

In case you want to use a file you have already uploaded on WordPress, you can use the Media Library option. This option is also particularly useful in cases where the media file you need is on some other device. Instead of sending it to your phone first, you can directly upload it to WordPress library and access it from your phone.

Open-Source like Always

With the new feature, WordPress continues its tradition to be completely open-source. The new Media Picker feature is a standalone library, so it gives you enough flexibility while using it. If you are a developer, you might even want to do some changes to make it more suitable for your needs.