Update Your Avatar on WordPress without Visiting Gravatar

Now Change Your Avatar within Your WordPress Account

Having the right profile picture is a necessity in almost every digital platform. On WordPress and similar sites, this is called an Avatar. Managing your avatar usually required going on Gravatar.com, which creates your avatar for sites like WordPress. However, the new feature on WordPress allows you to update your avatar within your WordPress account.

Your Avatar Is Important

On WordPress.com, your avatar forms your identity. Not only it appears next to your blog posts, but also when you comment or like someone else’s posts. Having a right avatar helps to establish credibility and making yourself more appealing to your readers. Usually, Gravatar was responsible for managing your avatar. However, now you can go to wordpress.com/me to edit your avatar. The changes would not be restricted to WordPress, but to every site that uses Gravatar, including Stack Overflow and Hootsuite.

How Does It Work?

Once you log into your WordPress account, you can either go to wordpress.com/me or click on the profile icon in the top. Both would lead to your profile page.

On the edit screen, you can choose to upload a photo from your system. Alternatively, you can drag and drop a picture directly. Once uploaded, you have some basic edit options like cropping and orientation. Once you find it satisfactory, you can save the changes. Your new avatar is ready.

There Is More to Know About It!

  • The changes you make on your WordPress avatar would automatically be reflected on other sites using Gravatar. Thus, it essentially means that going on Gravatar would be needless.
  • It is worth noting that the changes are made both on the WordPress website and the desktop app.

In case you have any further queries regarding how this works, you can always go to the WordPress support page or Gravatar support page.