Upload Once, Blog Anywhere: from Google Photos

Google Photos and WordPress Combine to Help Access Your Photos, Anywhere and Anytime

As a blogger, photos must always be an important part of your blogging experience. It is very obvious that visual content adds a much-needed appeal to textual content, making it more relatable and easier to grasp. But where do you find the right photos? There is always Google for searching random pictures, but images you clicked yourself are always a better option. They add a personal touch as well as save you from copyright infringement. But for so long, there was no easy way out. Even with cloud-storage options like Google Photos, you would always have to download the images locally and then upload to your WordPress account. Well, not anymore.

WordPress and Google Photos, Rolled into One

WordPress.com now supports Google Photos as an in-built feature. All you need is to click on “Photos from your Google Library”. For the first time, you would have to link your Google account with your WordPress. Make sure that you use the same Google account as the one linked to the Google Photos you want to use. And after that, things become very simple.

Access Your Entire Library of Google Photos

Every time you need a photo, you simply have to check your Google Library, find the image, and “Insert”. The image would be added to your WordPress library and inserted into your blog. Just like that. But wait, it gets even better.

Smart Search

Google automatically analyses and categorizes your photos according to the content of the image. So even if you forgot to add labels, no worries. Just type the keyword you are looking for and all related pictures would appear in front of you.

Even if you have hosted WordPress locally, you can use the JetPack plugin to use this feature. And depending on the plan, you can even insert videos in a similar fashion.

It goes without saying; WordPress makes sure that your blogging experience remains awesome.