WordPress Gives More Options to Share Posts on Social Networks

WordPress Facilitates You with Extra Options For Sharing Posts on Social Networks

Social Media trends are well known with everyone these days. It has spread its wings wide and has shadowed almost all age groups and developed the leading brands. Social networks are being used for entertainment, personal conversation, general knowledge, marketing, online business etc. and the list never ends.

WordPress and Social Networks

WordPress being popular for its unique and user-friendly interface provides you with an extensive range of options to help you share effective posts on social networks.

It has given a tough competition to all the other available similar web platforms and has slowly yet steadily beaten them all. Initially, WordPress started with very basic social media sharing features. It used to connect your Twitter or Facebook account to the WordPress account and then tweet or share your articles once you published them. At that time it was not as popular as the other similar platforms were as they provided better and enhanced features.

The Advancements of Social Networks Related Features on WordPress

But with the changing time, great developments have been made and now it gives you the option to schedule your posts beforehand on the different social media platforms and even preview the post so that you know how it would appear on your reader’s device. You can also schedule multiple posts across your social media account on WordPress.com’s admin interface so that it may seem to your viewer that you are constantly active on your profile.

It has recently introduced another new feature which enables you to manually share your posts according to your need after publishing them. Also, it has now become an inhabitant feature, which means you don’t have to connect your various accounts of social networks to manually share your messages and posts.

It is being used by millions of website users and is constantly developing. It provides considerably appreciable features at a decent subscription to its users across the globe which has made it better than the rest.