How to Add YouTube Subscribe Button in WordPress

How to Add YouTube Subscribe Button in WordPress

Having a YouTube subscribe button in a blog can help in getting more views and a YouTube channel can become popular and enjoy more visitors and traffic. More subscribers can be built up in this way and that can be very useful for any business. Check out the following two methods to add a YouTube Subscribe Button.

Adding YouTube Subscribe Button Manually:

A person needs to visit the Google Developers Website and then go to YouTube subscribe button page. The YouTube channel name may have to be provided here along with the theme, layout and the subscriber count in numbers. Below all this, there can be a preview of the button to show its appearance on the website. The code of the button can be expected below it and if a WordPress site owner is satisfied with the button, this code can be copied. After this step, you need to check the admin area and go to Appearance and then Widgets. Drag and drop a written widget here and paste the YouTube subscribe button code in the widget. After saving these changes, the button can be available.

Adding YouTube Subscribe Button Using a Plugin:

This can ensure a YouTube subscribe button under every YouTube video and that can help in getting much more viewership. To achieve it, install and activate YouTube Subscribe Bar Plugin. Upon activation, go to Settings –> YouTube Subscribe Bar and add the YouTube Channel ID, choose the Subscribe Button Layout, Button Theme, and Subscribers Count. The Subscribe Bar Plugin may have a call to action area where ‘ Subscribe to My YouTube Channel’ can be mentioned and all these changes can then be saved.

The plugin will then display the YouTube Subscribe button below all the YouTube videos on the site. The subscribe bar will be there from the YouTube channel and also through other channels so that more people can enjoy them.