WordPress Brings Text To Speech Plugin with Amazon Polly

Amazon Polly Helps WordPress Speak

Despite a number of existing plugins WordPress allows you to have access over, it lacks in the availability of text to speech feature. This particular tool would allow easiness in operating the website as well as would be a boon to the visually impaired people. Thus, the new Amazon Polly plugin would complete the missing feature of WordPress.

Understanding Amazon Polly:

The new Amazon Polly plugin added to WordPress offers an inbuilt player and also provides you with additional media channels for broadcasting. A variety of languages and voices are available in the plugin. It also enables you to create an audio feed for your content that is text-based. This audio feed can be further inserted into your embedded player which will help you have a better accessibility of the website.

Enhanced Accessibility:

This feature would help the visually impaired people the most who can now avoid using screen readers. You can also choose the voice from a variety of voices as per your choice differently in every article.

It enables a wider reach. The Amazon Polly also reads whatever is on the screen; you don’t need to change words every now and then to make it readable.


The accessibility of the media channels allows you to upload your articles automatically as a podcast on iTunes. In almost no time you can create a completely new content channel.

Not only this, with a different way for your audience to enjoy your articles, it opens various doors for attracting new people.

Stepping Ahead:

When talking about the accessibility of WordPress, this is actually a great step in moving forward. Being able to attract the audience you’ve never been able to before is an amazing opportunity. Not to forget, with this plugin your website can now be available on iTunes for listeners.

Thus, the Amazon Polly plugin truly allows you to be better and to reach wide swiftly without many hindrances.