6 plugins to automate a WooCommerce Store

automate a WooCommerce Store

6 plugins to automate a WooCommerce Store

If you are to manage an e-commerce store, you have a lot to do. You need to solve customer issues; server and hosting issues, software bugs and above all, you need to maintain adequate stock.
For a store owner, you need to approach the big picture items and not worry about every detail. WooCommerce has brought you with six plugins to automate details of your store management.

Follow-Ups of WooCommerce

Follow-ups are used to automate engagement with customers. Previously in an article, I described it as how to use it to automate customer recognition.
One of the many features of follow up is that they can schedule tweets and add variables to personalize them for customers.
It allows you and your team to create standard email templates in-order to communicate with the customer. This helps in putting your communication on board.
For providing more communication features which are relevant to your store, follow-ups allows integrating with event tickets, WooCommerce Subscriptions, WooCommerce Points and Rewards, WooCommerce Bookings, and Sensei.
Without the burden of huge amounts of configuration and integration, you can centralize all the communication by using Follow-ups.

Dynamic Pricing:

Dynamic pricing has the ability to automate discounts. If five purchases of a particular type are made and you want to give a discount, dynamic pricing will help you with that and many other situations regarding giving discounts.
Combining it with follow-ups will let your customers and new members know about any available discounts via email.

Smart Coupons:

Smart coupons are quite similar to dynamic pricing. It allows you to sell and send gift certificates by building a complete store credit and gift certificate system.
The coupons can be bulk-generated and you can notify your users of their unique coupon codes via WooCommerce sending emails and they can also export the codes to a CSV file in order to share them with other parties.
However, the biggest drawback of smart coupons over dynamic pricing is that it requires the interaction of customers. The coupon code must be filled by the customer or the available coupons should at least be clicked at checkout to use them. Skipping this step would result in applying the discount to an already completed order resulting in more interaction.

PDF Invoices:

For tax purposes, some countries require a PDF invoice. It requires time and effort if you make them manually.
This problem is solved by PDF Invoices. By sending PDFs via emails, resending them on request and make them available for download on their user accounts, PDF Invoices can automate this process.
You can fulfil the needs of an international customer since PDF Invoices is totally customizable whether it is the addition of special registration numbers to an invoice or whatever.

Advanced Notifications:

The options for order and stock notifications at WooCommerce are limited. All the items should be sent to one place and most of the stores are ok with it. However, Advanced Notifications should also be considered.
Advanced Notifications allows you to send custom emails to your drop shipping provider. The recipient by product or by product category can be customized in case of multiple suppliers. The staff for a product which is low in stock can also be alerted.

WooCommerce Zapier:

WooCommerce does not directly integrate with all systems or the data you need is not integrated by the default integration. Hence the problem is taken cared by WooCommerce Zapier.
Information can be sent to other systems from your stores seamlessly by WooCommerce Zapier. ActiveCampaign, a marketing platform, uses it to send relevant client information. Crucial information to its email marketing would be missed out if that firm didn’t use Zapier.
Because of the default drip integration doesn’t include subscription details, I use WooCommerce and Drip (another marketing platform) to integrate. I would have to toggle active and inactive subscription in Drip without Zapier Integration.