Shopify Ping App Launched to Help Merchants

Shopify Ping

Canadian e-commerce giant Shopify has announced that it is launching a mobile app designed to enable its customers to grow their businesses even if they are away from a computer.  Shopify Ping is a free app that allows users to manage their tasks on their mobile devices, in the process saving more time as they can communicate with customers even if they are on the move. The app is initially available on the iOS App Store for Shopify merchants.

Shopify Ping Use

Shopify Ping gathers info from messaging apps that a merchant already uses like Facebook Messenger and Chatkit. This eliminates the need to switch from one app to another, and more time for building stronger relationships with clients.

It also comes with a free virtual business assistant called Kit that merchants can tap in managing their marketing activities. The virtual business assistant can push suggestions and automations for SEO, retargeting campaigns, Facebook and Instagram ads, social media posts, and email marketing.

Shopify Ping can also mean faster customer conversations which is critical to the growth of an online business.

Shopify Ping as an integrated messaging tool

According to Shopify director of products Michael Perry, the idea is for Ping to make it easier for merchants to manage customer inquiries and run their daily operations. As a one-stop messaging app, Shopify Ping lets merchants spend more time in running their businesses even if they are away from a PC.

It is estimated that nearly half of Shopify entrepreneurs run their operations and engage their customer on their mobile devices. Shopify believes there is a need to offer a flexible and time-saving tool to their merchants, minimizing redundancies and making them efficient in the long run.

Shopify Ping is expected to have a huge impact on thousands of merchants around the world. It is also anticipated that the app would soon become available on Android devices.