Create a table of content in WordPress Posts and Pages

Create a table of content in WordPress Posts and Pages

How to Create a Table of Content in WordPress Posts and Pages

Addition of a table of content simplified our projects during schooldays. Much like those projects, WordPress can become extremely accessible and simplified by creating a table of content. This article is dedicated to teaching you how to create a table of content without much hassle.

Use of a Table of Content on WordPress

On several websites, the use of a table of content involves jumping from one portion of the content without having to view the entire content in the middle. Like these websites, you can also make your WordPress user-friendly when there are long blog posts to read. In addition, it makes your website SEO-d as the search engine can land your visitor right where the content he wants to read is present.

Creating a Table of Content

First and foremost, install the Easy Table of Contents plugin. Upon installation and activating the same, visit settings » and click on Table of Contents option. Now you can alter the settings of the table of contents. Here you enable the auto-insert option for the table of content for every blog you post. The enabling of auto-insert allows you to add a table on every article that has more than 4 headings.
After creation comes the editing, you can scroll down to alter the table’s appearance, choose a theme, adjust the size, choose a scheme of color etc. Now, save changes to store your progress.

Managing Table of Content

After enabling auto-insert, every content or blog post will be presented with an automatic table of content so you can alter this setting as per your preference. We personally do not recommend a table of content with every post on your website.
To be able to alter the presence of table of content head over to the post edit page. Here you will witness a section to manage the table of content for every article you post. Here you can define the specifics of your table of contents.

Wrapping Up:

Make effective use of this brilliant tool as it can make your website much more comprehensive and attractive and it will also increase the readability of your posts.