In July, Plenti program, the retail dive is going to shut down


        In July, Plenti program, the retail dive is going to shut down

Dive Brief:

  • Plenti, American Express developed a coalition loyalty program, which will completely shut down on July 10 according to the website of the related program.
  • While participating, anyone can use the outstanding points. It is requested by the Retail Dive to get more information from the American Express and Plenti weren’t returned immediately.
  • At the New Year, several Plenti of merchants abandoned in which including most prominent participants like Macy’s. However, a Plenti’s spokesperson told about the confidential discussion between the remaining retailer’s participants. 


Insight the Dive:

On the wall of the January month, some important aspects are written, when it is confirmed by the American Express about the Plenti Partners Hulu, Direct Energy, Enterprise, Expedia, Almo, Nationwide, and along with the Macy’s posted a development authorities, which are an alarming task on the Plenti’s website.

Likely, there was a little room for the purpose of Macy’s revamped loyalty scheme national program. In the fall, the customer start while accruing reward under the concept of a new system. The facility of biggest spender is to enjoy earning points, free shipments and additional saving in every purchase.

According to the Seeking Alpha transcript, CEO Jeff Gennett said we will continue the process of enhancing the brand’s strengthen while launching the loyalty program we also feel good because of entering the new phases.

However, only half of the self-identified members of the Plenti program tell about the redeemed reward through an organized program system. Mostly people said the reward is made only purchasing of one or two coalitions.

Additionally, pooling point’s service, a marketplace is considered regarding a plenty ran that dealing from the Plent’s partner, either don’t gain any traction. Due to its model, many of them argue is quite not feasible.