3 Most In-Demand Coding Languages


Here are the three most in-demand coding languages. People have been coding for a while, but right now coders are high in demand. This is because the Internet is growing, and more people are getting online. Computer Science is becoming a more well-known major. Beginners in web development should know about HTML and CSS. These two languages are extremely simple and are building blocks of coding. Other languages are becoming more and more complex; these are the languages you should learn to give you an edge in the market.

JavaScript — A Common Coding Language

JavaScript is an extremely common language for coders. The Internet is practically built with it. JavaScript is used to make interactive web pages. For example, quizzes and polls use JavaScript. This language is automatically built into some Internet browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. JavaScript is also used to create basic games and pop up messages. Basically, the Internet would be much more boring without JavaScript, so this is a good language to learn. 

SQL — Great Coding for Databases

SQL, structured query language, has exploded in popularity because of what it can do. There are many varieties of this language, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server. This language is versatile and is used because of its database capability. You can update, manage, and retrieve data from databases. If your business is large, such as a hospital or university, you have probably used SQL. Mobile apps such as Dropbox and Skype use this language as well.   

Python — Currently the Most Popular Code

Python, named after Monty Python, has recently overtaken Javascript as the most popular language by coders. This shift is because it is easy to learn if you a beginner. The coding language is incredibly similar to the English language. Python is used to build apps, create libraries, and much more. Google and YouTube are just two of many companies who use Python for their operations. 


It’s good to be able to code with more than just one language under your belt. As languages evolve it’s important to keep up with them, as well as with the latest trends.