What is JavaScript?

what is javascript

What is JavaScript? JavaScript is an important coding language. Along with HTML and CSS, this language is a building block of the Internet. Web browsers such as Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome have JavaScript built into it. So if you know anything about HTML and CSS, learning this language will only help you become a better coder.

What is JavaScript’s Purpose?

JavaScript makes web pages interactive. Before it existed all Internet pages were static. It is a scripting language that works with HTML and CSS, simpler languages that create web pages. Adding in JavaScript allows web pages to use features such as quizzes, polls, sign up forms, and more. It makes pages more dynamic. When you type something into a search bar, and suggested results appear, that is done with JavaScript. This language isn’t just used on the Internet. PDF documents and desktop widgets also use JavaScript. It has become standard for writing interactive code for web browsers.

What is JavaScript’s History?

JavaScript was developed in the 90’s by Brendan Eich. Eich was working for Netscape at the time. This language partially took it’s name from Java, which is a different language. Netscape wanted to market off Java’s popularity — which was extremely high at the time. JavaScript was originally going to be called “LiveScript”. Today, Java and JavaScript confuse people because of their similar names. But, they are different languages. Both are objected oriented languages (which means they’re organized around “objects” rather than “actions”) but that’s about their only similarity.


Overall, JavaScript has become a very successful and popular language. Google, YouTube, and many other popular sites use it. Almost all web users encounter it, whether they know it or not. This language creates a better user experience on websites. Because this language isn’t too hard to learn, all coders should have this skill under their belt.