3 E-Commerce Startups in New York City

e-commerce startups

Here are three e-commerce startups in New York City everyone should keep their eyes on. There has been some talk of New York City lagging behind Silicon Valley in the tech industry, but these startups prove that this is just talk. After all, creating a startup in NYC is pretty difficult. However, here are some companies located in New York that have promise and popularity. 

1. Warby Parker – Designer Glasses

It seems like every college student/Brooklyn hipster is wearing Warby Parker glasses. They offer designer glasses at an affordable price. Warby Parker does this by designing the glasses in-house, and then selling them directly to customers. There’s no middleman. What’s great is that they’ll send you five pairs of your choosing to try out before you commit to a pair of glasses.

2. Birchbox – Beauty Boxes

Birchbox’s business model has become popular recently. What they do is send you a box of beauty supplies every month with your membership. What they put in your box depends on your own personal profile and preferences. Birchbox has been around since 2010, and is great for people who want to try out products but don’t want to pay full price for it.

3. Modalyst – E-Commerce Marketplace

Modalyst is a wholesale e-commerce marketplace that connects brands and buyers. It enables brands to extend into smaller specialty stores. In particular, this site can help people on who can’t get on Etsy Wholesale gain exposure. Modalyst helps discover up-and-coming brands, and streamlines purchases. This is great for people who want individualized items, or who want to support small businesses.


There are many more e-commerce startups in New York City, but these three are incredibly popular. These startups help prove that investors and venture capitalists should look to NYC, and not just Silicon Valley, for successful tech companies. We expect to see many more e-commerce businesses crop up throughout NYC in the upcoming years.