How voice assistants are boosting e-commerce

How voice assistants are boosting e-commerce

E-commerce firms are always looking for ways to offer a customer experience to their target consumers. Voice assistants or VAs is one of those innovations that can offer a personalized and streamlined customer experience. Voice systems like Google Assistant and Alexa by Amazon has revolutionized the way brands and consumers interact.

Below are a couple of ways these VAs are changing the e-commerce landscape:

1. Voice assistants support smarter grocery shopping

Many people dread grocery shopping because they tend to forget things they should buy. At times, even the use of apps is not enough to make up for poor memory. With voice assistants like Alexa, consumers can go over the things they need for the week by preparing a shopping list.

Amazon’s VA does not only offer recommendations; it can also order food based on a customer’s profile, buying history, and preferences. It helps improve customer experience by streamlining the buyer’s journey and making it easier for customers to reorder the same products they’ve been buying. All these are accomplished without the customers lifting a finger and unlocking their phones.

2. Voice assistants promote security

Many people today are wary of cybersecurity no thanks to numerous security breaches reported. In a way, voice assistants can provide another layer of security protocol. Having a voice-authentication backup, for example, benefit a consumer who’s prone to accidentally ordering products on Amazon. Another way of VAs promoting security in transactions is when a voice authentication is required instead of an e-signature of thumbprint in making an online transaction.

Numerous studies have also shown how voice assistants have made an impact on the e-commerce sector. A study by the Digital Transformation Institute, which surveyed more than 5,000 consumers in Europe and the United States, showed that buyers utilizing this VA technology are willing to spend up to 500% more than they are used to through this mode of transaction.