Website Redesign Tip: Set Measurable Goals

website redesign tip: set measurable goals

Building, or rebuilding, a website is important if you want to get your brand noticed. But this can be a difficult task. So we’ve put together steps to follow in order to create a successful site. The first website redesign tip we give to clients is to focus on your audience. After you have done that, the next step is to set measurable goals.

Website Redesign Tip: Set Measurable Goals

What does it mean to have measurable goals? When launching, or perhaps relaunching, your website it is important to have reachable goals. Websites that don’t have simple, measurable goals often seem scattered and may not last for the long term. So, a measurable goal is a specific short term goal that can be easily achieved, and help your website. The goal should be a benchmark for longer term goals you want to achieve.

For example, you might want to update your site’s design and color scheme. If you do some research you’ll find that blue is a great color for website design. If blue fits in with your brand, you can change the color scheme. Perhaps you’ll see a change in the amount of people viewing your website. Fixing your layout for better usability is always a good idea. Web design trends shift constantly, so you want to make sure you keep up.

Some other measurable goals include:

  • starting a newsletter (if appropriate)
  • increase traffic each month, if only by a little bit
  • make a few new contacts each month

To Conclude

So let’s review. If you set clear benchmarks for your website, it is possible to set long term goals. If you can fix the simple kinks in your website, you can quickly move on to better, more important projects. This is just one website redesign tip of many out there. And remember, your goals don’t have to be too large. Creating a successful site takes time.