Reviews of Codecademy: Ruby on Rails

Codecademy: Ruby on Rails

Learning programming can be a difficult task. For many, college is the best option. But, for a more affordable way to learn, the Internet has many online websites to learn how to code. Some are better than others, some are free, and some are not. The most well-known coding website is Codecademy. Millions of people use this website to learn a variety of computer languages. Some languages on Codecademy include: Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Today we’ll look at some reviews of the language Ruby on Rails on the Codecademy website, to gauge how well it is taught.

Good Reviews of Codecademy: Ruby on Rails

Good reviews of Codecademy’s Ruby on Rails tutorials are plentiful. Users praise Codecademy for its organization. Codecademy teaches Ruby on Rails like this: there are five units, broken down with all of the language’s basic functions. Users navigate through theses units, learning the code along the way. Many of the website’s users love how simple and easy it is to use. The units break down the code, making it easier to digest. Also, if there is a problem, a Q&A area on the website can help users if they are stuck.

Bad Reviews of Codecademy: Ruby on Rails

Many bad reviews on the Codecademy: Ruby on Rails tutorial are from beginners. Because Codecademy is free, it attracts many people who want to learn how to code without paying anything. However, these beginners who are writing bad reviews want to learn coding in order to build apps. But users shouldn’t use Codecademy for that purpose. It is solely to introduce these languages to people who have never seen them. Therefore, if a beginner thinks they can use Codecademy to build the next Snapchat, they are mistaken.

Overall, Codecademy is a great site for people who think they want to get into coding. Essentially, you should use Codecademy for the building blocks of your code knowledge. After you learn the basics, then you will probably have to pay (either online or in school) to obtain great coding skill.