Tips for E-Commerce Site Success

tips for e-commerce, shopping cart

Creating an online store for your business is a great way to get your products, and brand, noticed. But it takes more than just putting your goods online to sell them. Visitors look for certain qualities in websites to determine whether or not they want to make a purchase. Here are some tips for e-commerce site success.

1. Create a responsive site

Having a responsive and easy to use website is key. Website responsiveness means that it can be accessed on all screens — mobile, tablet, and computer. In order to design a website so it still looks good on all these screens can be difficult. Minimalist designs are encouraged — too much clutter on a mobile site will drive users away.

2. Make sure the site is secure

Site security should be a priority for e-commerce businesses. You should have a SSL certificate as to not worry customers. Not only will customers feel better about purchasing from your site, but you’ll feel better as well. SSL certificates can prevent fraudulent purchases.

3. Use your own product photos

Tacky stock photos can be off-putting, as they are easily recognizable. Instead, take your own product photos! This is an opportunity to get creative, and show off your business’s style. Your product descriptions should also be your own writing as well. Be sure to make them helpful (and fun, if possible).

4. Feature customer reviews

First things first: make it easy for people to leave reviews. Once they start coming in (and hopefully they are positive) the more products you’ll sell. Consumers are much more apt to believe the word of a fellow consumer than the business that is trying to sell them something. If product reviews are good, the more of that product you’ll sell.

With these tips for e-commerce site success, you’ll be own your way to creating a great website. Bad websites drive visitors away frequently — and you don’t want to be one of them.