What to Know About Google App Maker

google app maker

Google has recently released a new low-code, drag and drop app builder. It’s called Google App Maker. This new app maker claims it will make it easier for just about anybody to develop basic apps. Google App Maker is mostly for businesses who need tools to help manage the company. This new service is a cloud-based app maker. This allows people to quickly develop an interface and fill it with data from other Google applications such as Contacts and Google Maps.

Uses for Google App Maker

Google has released a sample list of apps you can create, such as:

  • registration forms
  • project lists
  • a forum
  • charts

But really, the possibilities go on. Businesses can use Google App Maker to keep track of employee travel requests, new employee training, tracking orders and inventory, and more. Google has made it very easy to develop a basic, custom app. However, if you do want to develop a more complex app, you can do so. There is a built-in scripting editor which allows you to do so.

Simple, yet Sophisticated Apps

The drag & drop User Interface editor makes it easy to create good-looking apps. What you do is simply drag widgets to the pages of the app, bind them to the data, and that’s it. When you link a widget to data, this allows the widget to access and update the data as well. There is also preview capabilities, so you’ll know what your app looks like before you publish it. Another good thing about Google App Maker is that you can publish is by yourself as well. No developer is needed at all in this whole process.

While Google App Maker isn’t the first low-code app maker on the market, it does reflect the changing market. Low code and even no code app makers are sure to start becoming more commonplace.