Why LinkedIn is a Great Business Tool



Today, having a LinkedIn is just as important as having a Facebook. Social media has permeated all aspects of life, including business. Now, of course you know what LinkedIn is; it’s the #1 social media tool for working professionals. Millions of visitors and businesses use this site each year. But what does it have to do with marketing? Here’s how LinkedIn works as a great business tool.

LinkedIn as a Marketing Tool

The number of B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) marketers generating sales via LinkedIn is growing. Over 80% of members have connected with companies through this website, which means there is a great opportunity for a marketer to engage them.

When businesses use LinkedIn to build relationships with professionals, they can achieve a ton of marketing objectives, such as:

  • Generating Awareness
  • Increasing Consideration and Preference
  • Driving Traffic and Leads
  • Building Community
  • Creating Advocacy

The content and campaigns you share will have more of an impact on users, since it will be seen and shared by professionals. Remember to link your website and other social media accounts on your LinkedIn page!

How to Optimize your Business Page

Each section of your page should work to establish relationships, promote your business, and build credibility.

  • Post company updates — Posting updates, much like Facebook statuses, is a great way to remind people you’re still around. Posting updates is also a great way to communicate with your audience.
  • Tell your company’s story — The about section on your company’s page is important. People are more interested in authenticity than advertisements these days.
  • Target your audience — In the updates you may post, target your audience. Post things you think they want to know about.
  • Use InMail — This will allow you to connect one-on-one with professionals.


So, sure, you may have known about LinkedIn before— but now you also know to optimize it. Hopefully with these tips you’ll be able to market your company more effectively on LinkedIn.