How to Design an Effective Call-to-Action

call-to-action button

Call-to-Action buttons, or CTAs, are used by companies to entice viewers into performing a specific act. This could be an action as simple as “Buy Now” or “Click for a Free Trial”. These calls can appear as a banner or a pop up that aims to drive sales through your website. Your website’s productivity could be enhanced through the creation of effective CTAs. Here are some tips to utilizing call-to-action buttons within your web design space.

Create a Sense of Urgency

CTAs are intended to illicit an immediate response from your website traffic. You can create this feeling of urgency through carefully crafting the wording held within your call-to-action space. Using phrases such as “Order Now” or “Subscribe Today” will drive customers to make an immediate decision regarding your product or service. In addition, offering sales or discounts that will disappear with the closing of the CTA will deepen this sense of urgency.

Include Personalization

You can catch the eye of your visitors by personalizing the call-to-action to them. By including the name, location or interests of the individual, you are more likely to attract and hold their attention. Also, showing related products to your customer will further create a feeling of intimacy and differentiate your CTA from generic pop-ups.

Work on Appearance

Creating a design that is equally attractive as it is un-intrusive is vital to the success of your CTA. You have to choose where your call-to-action will be most effective on your page. For example, you will have to decide if it will take up the entire page or just a section. Wherever you land, the call-to-action display should be easily identifiable, appear quickly and be scalable to mobile devices.

Following these tips will help improve the productivity of your call-to-action prompts. CTAs can so often clutter or intrude on a website that they wind up only driving traffic away. You will see that keeping the interests of your customers in mind and putting time into the design is the only sure way to creating an effective CTA.