5 Excellent Advertising Plugins to Manage Ads on WordPress Sites

Manage the Ads on Your Website with the 5 excellent WordPress Advertising Plugins

While talking about the website management systems, WordPress outstands all. Its unique and useful features have made it the most versatile CMS website platforms. To insert additional features to the existing system, it allows the use of plugins. In this post, I am going to discuss about the 5 excellent advertising plugins that will help you in managing ads on your WordPress website.

Thus, following are 5 exceptional advertising plugins for Ad Management on your WordPress website:

1. Ads Pro Plugin:

Its features enable easy and complete ad insertion into any of the templates of WordPress. Geographical targeting, ad blocker bypass, more than 25 templates and 20 ad display options which are already built in are some of its commonly used outstanding features.

2. WP Ad Centre Advertising Plugins:

To manage every part of your website’s banner advertising, WP Ad Centre is the strongest plugin for your use. It allows you to offer directly a spot on your website for sale. It also gives you a detailed statistics and enables advertisers to simply see their stats online. Adding media, creating Ad zones and banner sizes of your choice would have never been this easy. You can perform unlimited campaigns and edit your themes to place your ads anywhere.

3. Quick Ad Sense:

This plugin is popular for its simplicity and easy design for the users who don’t need complex advertising. It is free and supports various advertising networks as well as self-hosted ads. It provides customized widgets for placing ads anywhere on the website. It allows you to add up to 10 ads at once and enables easy management.

4. WP In Post Ads:

Get the most out of your advertising by collecting and advertising the data matrix. Its tools help the user to squeeze out maximum profits from their ad placement. It does A/B split testing to find the best position for your advertisement. It also supports Google analytics and provides an option of ad-free surfing to the logged in users.

5. Ad Rotate:

The plugin is available both as a free version and a paid version. The free version enables you to have caching support, internal statistics and an unlimited number of ads. The paid version, on the other hand, gives some extra features like additional placement options, multiple schedules, mobile-friendly software etc.

You need to choose the right plugin among these advertising plugins in order to make your website a good source of income. Feel free to give your feedback or suggestion on this post in the comment box below.