How to sell on eBay with Shopify

Shopify partnered with Amazon, Facebook and now partnered also with one of the biggest selling platforms: eBay.

United States-based merchants can easily sell and list their product on eBay while having Shopify’s benefits.

Join eBay’s customers with the new integration and:

  • Gain access to 171 million active buyers worldwide

  • Cash-in on a big mobile opportunity: more than 360 million people have downloaded teh new eBay Mobile Shopping App, with more than $10 billion in orders only from mobile

  • expand your brand awareness on eBay’s marketplace


TIP: More than 80% of all eBay’s products on this platform are new items?

Easy integration with the “eBay sales channel”

All you have to do is syncing your product in the eBay’s sales channel and write an eBay listing. You will save a lot of precious time and energies by being able to handle everything from your store and don’t bother about other useless things.

Shopify will also automatically sync your available inventory on eBay, so you will never sell products that run out of stock. You can also benefit from the highly advanced and reliable statistics and metrics on your store.

The eBay channel also lets you:

  • Track and manage your inventory and sales from your Shopify store
  • Fulfill the orders from Shopify
  • Set unique prices for the listings
  • Manage your eBay business policies through Shopify
  • Easly communicate with your customers using built-in eBay messaging

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Here are some tips on how to sell on eBay

1)    First things first: take lots of good photos. People will be able to tell the difference between stock images and the genuine article, and showing the item as-is will give them confidence in its condition, so make sure they’re good quality. Also, it’s now free to add up to a dozen. Bonus!

2)    Similarly, the item details are very important. No possible customer will buy your product if your description doesn’t satisfy them.

3)    Optimize your title. The item description’s where you can really sell your product, so focus your title on making sure your item gets seen. Use popular keywords and specific details rather than unnecessary descriptive language to ensure your listing gets to the top of search results.

4)    Get familiar with the language. Many eBay users save time and optimize their searches by using abbreviations like BNIB (brand new in box) or VGC (very good condition). Knowing these bits of jargon can help you appear faster in searches and save you heaps of writing.

5)    Feedback is a very important feature of eBay – new users have a feedback rating of zero, which can often put off wary buyers. Bump your feedback up a bit before you sell by buying some cheaper items, and you’ll be able to sell at higher prices.

6)    Remember to leave your own feedback. Whether buying from others, or on your own sales, don’t forget to leave honest feedback. It will help your reputation as a good community member and encourage others to do the same.

7)    Never underestimate what people will pay for. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and eBay is awash with DIY-buffs who will buy battered, obsolete or even outright broken gear to fix up and sell, so don’t be scared to stick something seemingly worthless up.