You Need a Vacation: How to Take Time Off Without Losing Momentum or Sales

First of all. What counts as a vacation?

Before planning a vacation you have to decide what could be considered a vacation.

Perhaps you need to unplug for a couple of weeks, or maybe you only need a free weekend in order to relax and let the stress fade away. A vacation could also mean a break from most tasks like order fulfilling and replying to customers.

The duration and structure of your vacation are entirely yours to decide and based on those two choices, you’ll know how much you need to prepare.

So now that you’ve figured out how much time off you’ll take, all what you need to do is finding a balance between the free time and your business. The best ways to do that is hiring a short term assistance and automating your business as much as you can.

Taking a vacation is an important part of building a business.

Hire a short-term help

Depending on what you want to be handled by your new hire, you will need to teach and educate your new employee about the required tasks.

Check all the tasks that you need to outsorce. Those tasks might be:
Consider each task you’re going to hand off, and map out what needs to be documented ahead of time. That might include:

  • Customer service
  • Social media
  • Shipping

An extremely important task that you HAVE TO do is training. You definetly want that your new hires are completely confident and skillful. By doing that you’ll avoid all knowledge-based mistakes.

You can create time off in your business for rest.

Automate your routine tasks

Automating is the key for more free time that in this case you may use it for leisure, travelling, and vacations.
For sure there will be some tasks that you can’t outsorce and therefore you can’t hire someone for those specific tasks, but at least you will be able to scale down your amount of work and take ome free time.

Update your store info’s

We are all humans and we sometimes need to take some time off. All you need to do is telling your customers (with forewarning adn in a clear way) that the bisiness will take some time off and that it will be fully active in short period of time.

Be sure to include in your message the following points:

  • How long you’ll be away
  • How it will affect orders and shipping time
  • What is the best thing to do as a customer

For example, assume that you will be away for one week, and all orders will be shipped the day after you come back. You’ll probaly comunicate it via:

  • A banner on your store warning that all the order will be fulfilled the day (date) that you will come back
  • An email informative email to your customers
  • A sentence on the cart
  • Informative posts on your social media profiles.